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Here for Your Furry Family

Island Paws offers both Daycare and Boarding for short and extended stays. I offer flexible pick up and drop off times; all you have to do is ask and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.  ​

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About Us

About The Owner 

My name is Becca and I am a 2009 graduate of Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School and have been married to my high school sweetheart, Mike since 2011. Together, we have two sons: Braxton (2011) and Maverick (2015). We live on a 20 acre hobby farm in West Concord with our two domesticated pet fox, chinchilla and three dogs. We enjoy spending our summer months riding in our RZR and just being out in the sunshine. In the cold winter months, we enjoy snowmobiling (a new passion of mine but a longtime passion of Mike's) and Mike loves to take our sons ice fishing while I enjoy avoiding it at all costs. I have always been an animal lover to the fullest extent and am always looking for another mouth to feed as my husband likes to put it. My soft spot has always been dogs and they will always have my heart in the biggest way. I am always and forever looking for dogs to bring home and rescue but Mike cut me off at three as he thinks two Newfoundlands and a lab are enough for one house. So, essentially, I just bought a bigger house for more dogs.... even if I have to give these ones back. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for learning about all the different dog breeds, their traits, qualities and their breed characteristics. I feel like this really helps me build really strong bonds with everyone's dogs during their stay with me and I take a lot of pride in my ability to get to know and understand each dog on a personal level when they come into my facility. 

About Island Paws 

Established in 2022, Island Paws, LLC is an up and coming dog daycare and boarding facility. My main goal is to provide trustworthy, inexpensive and convenient dog boarding and daycare options.   

Conveniently located right off of Highway 52, we are easy to find, 15 minutes North of Rochester. You can swing on in, drop your dog off and jump right back on the highway exactly where you exited. 

I provide daily daycare and overnight boarding for short and extended stays. Your dog will be cared for and loved as if they are one of my own! You can rest easy and enjoy your time away knowing your dog is in the hands of patient, loving person. Your dogs are never just ‘locked in a kennel and fed’ until you pick them up.

All throughout the day, your dog will be given time to play in our indoor play area and outdoor play yard with other dogs and enjoy many different enrichment activities such as puzzles, snuffle mats, search games, group play and occasional seasonal craft activities.  Dogs will be put into groups based on behaviors and socialization for play activities. As a matter of fact, dogs are kenneled very minimally. As long as the dogs are able to get along, they remain out in one of the play areas for the better part of the day. Dogs are kenneled for the intake of new dogs or during tour for safety reasons but once introductions are completed and I have determined everyone will be able to get along and play together, everyone is let back out to play again. Island Paws is designed to be a home away from home for your dog.  We will make it our mission to make sure no one will ever be left out on the fun and cuddles! 
There will be two feeding times per day: 8:00am and 6:00pm. If your dog has needs outside of those scheduled times, please let us know and we will accommodate the best we can. 
We do require your dog to be up to date on all vaccinations. This includes DHLPP (Distemper Combo), Rabies, and Bordetella. We also highly recommend your dog receiving a yearly influenza shot, although this is not required. You will need to provide verification before you drop your dog off for the first time. You will also need to update records accordingly. 

Wanna Check Us Out? 

I am  more than happy to provide a tour of the facility! However, I do request that you schedule your tour in advance so I can have dogs kenneled prior to your visit. Because the dogs are out and allowed to roam the better part of the facility, visitors can cause some over excitement for some dogs and anxiety for others which can really have a negative impact on behaviors for the rest of the day. So, for the sake of the dogs, I do appreciate that you call ahead of time before just dropping in to check the place out. At the end of the day, Island Paws is home for our doggy friends while they are here and I work very hard to make sure that the dogs comfort comes FIRST! 

Tours will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 12p and 5:00p BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


Our Services

How to Make a Reservation and what You Will need:

Making a reservation

There are several ways you can make a reservation:

  • Call us! 507-356-2035

  • Facebook Messenger - Find us on Facebook and shoot me a message! 

  • Here! Use the contact page to send me a message about your reservation 

When you are ready to make a reservation here is what I will need:

  • Your first and last name 

  • Your dogs name 

  • A phone number to save the reservation under

  • Vet records showing up to date Rabies, Bordetella and DHLPP - (distemper combo). I will not take any dogs with expired vaccinations.

  • The dates you are needing services 

  • Drop off and pickup times: below are the timeframes available for pickup and drop off. 

Monday - Friday 6a-9a or 3p-6p

Saturday and Sunday 8a-12p

*PLEASE NOTE: Appointments will not be booked and spots will not be saved without a confirmed drop off and pickup time. 

All appointments and time changes must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance - this includes daycare and boarding

Please show up on time! - there will be a $5 charge for every 30 minutes you are past your scheduled time for both drop off and pickup


Plenty of Love and Attention

Daycare can be a very useful service for those who work long hours or simply don't like the idea of their dog being left alone during the day. I pride myself on my professional yet fun approach and do everything necessary to ensure your pets are safe, secure and happy.
I offer daycare Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 6:00pm 
If you need to drop off or pick up for daycare outside of those hours, I can accommodate that! Just reach out and let me know what you need. 
Daycare rates are based off of visits up to 10 hours per day.

*Any time over the 10 hours will be charged an extra $5 per hour up to 12 hours. At that time, you will be charged overnight boarding rates and if you did not provide food, you will be charged for each feeding in which I need to provide food. 

Daycare rates:  

  • $25/day for the first initial dog 

  • $15/day for any additional dogs 

This includes the use of a kennel for your dog for quiet/rehydration time. 

I do not offer any daycare package at this time however, I do have daycare loyalty cards: buy 9 daycare days, get the 10th FREE! 


The Best for Your Pet

I am pleased to have your dog for an overnight stay as well! I can accommodate one night or a whole month depending on your needs.
I also accommodate drop off and pickup for any time that is convenient to you… even if they are outside of my regular business hours. Just let me know what times you need when you schedule your appointment and I will try my best to be available to help you out! 
These boarding rates are for any dogs that will be staying with me overnight and/or over the 12 hour daily maximum for dog daycare. 


Overnight Boarding Rates: 
•$35/night for the first dog

•$25/night for additional dogs  

Reservation and Cancellation Policy:

To hold your reservation, you will need to provide a credit or debit card number. Please have the information ready when you call to make an appointment. 

Cancellations for boarding must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to drop off date. Any cancellations made after the 48 hour mark will be charged 50% of the current overnight boarding rate ($17.50). 


What to pack

  • Food: pre-portioned, 1 serving per baggie. If your dog is staying more than 15 days, you do not need to pre-portion the food. I will provide food and water bowls. 

If I do need to provide food for your dog, we will charge an extra $3 per feeding for the duration of the stay. 

*Please keep in mind that the food we will provide will be just something to get your dog by so it may not be the same food your dog is used to and can cause stomach upset. Typically, I keep Purina Pro Plan, Sensitive Stomach on hand.

  • Vaccinations: must be current, provided at least 24 hours prior to drop off. (Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella)

  • Medications: in separate containers, with instructions 

  • Collar and leash: please make sure you are sending your dog with a properly fitting collar and a properly working leash. These tools are used when doing introductions to other dogs at check in. If the collar is too loose or the leash is not in working order, these factors can cause some unwanted or dangerous interactions with other dogs during introductions. 

  • Toys: Toys are not required as Island Paws provides plenty of them but if your dog had a toy or special comfort item they would like to have, you are more than welcome to send them. 

*Please be aware that any extra items you send, your dog will have in their kennel while unsupervised. So do not send anything you worry about being chewed up or ruined. 

Information to Share 

  • Is your dog intact? I do take intact dogs; male or female but please let me know if they are so I can take appropriate caution. Also, please let me know when your female had her last heat cycle. 

  • If your dog is an 'excessive marker' - meaning that they habitually urinate on items inside the facility such as furniture, walls, doors, toys etc,, I have male and female wraps available but there will be an additional charge for the wraps if your dog is soaking the wraps in excess. There will be a charge of $1.00 per wrap used 

  •  This additional charge will be up to the discretion of the staff and the number of wraps used during your dogs stay.  

  • Does your dog have any food allergies or food sensitives?  I like to do a lot of activities that involve treats. They are training treats so they are low calorie, no grain, high protein treats to keep them as healthy as possible but I like to know if there is a possibility of allergic reaction or upset stomach to watch for or to know to avoid treats altogether 

  • Do you have a family member at home with any allergies such as nuts? I cannot guarantee that all of my treats are nut/allergen free or come from a nut/allergen free facility. I also have many dogs that need medications that tend to be given with vessels such as peanut butter sent from home. So please let me know if you have allergy concerns at home so I can ensure your dog is not in contact with any sources that can cause reactions when your dog goes home 

  • Is your dog a toy eater? I have many different types of toys such as plushy toys. Although I do monitor the dogs when they are out playing with toys, some dogs are very quick to swallow things they are not supposed to when they enjoy doing so. I have no problem putting such toys away during your dogs stay to maintain safety but you must let me know. 

2024 Holiday Closures 

Island Paws will remain open to dogs but no pickups or drop offs will be allowed on these dates. Unless stated otherwise, below.  

  • 5/27 CLOSED

  • 7/4 CLOSED 

  • 9/2 CLOSED 

  • 11/28 CLOSED

  • 12/24 DROP OFF AND PICKUP 6A-12P

  • 12/25 CLOSED 

  • 12/31 DROP OFF AND PICKUP 6A-12P

  • 1/1/25 CLOSED 


Island Paws will be closed completely and will not be taking dogs for these dates

  • 2/2-2/7 - reopening 2/8

  • 3/29-4/7 - reopening 4/8

  • 6/15-6/23 - reopening 6/24

  • 9/7-9/15 - reopening 9/16

  • 12/13-12/15 - reopening 12/16


Get in touch to find out more about our services or to schedule a tour.

111 3rd Ave NE
Pine Island, 55963


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Opening Hours

Come and Play

Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm

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